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Hanauma Bay, Oahu
2 Nov 2014
To celebrate the morning

Dive 534:                Start 09:17, BT 80 min, End 10:37, Depth 37'

Mike's leaving the island in 2 days, so he's diving like a maniac and I'm glad to help him. We followed the cable past the buoys through mediocre visibility, but suddenly the silt vanished behind us in a brown cloud of smog and visibility became 100'!

(Hint: Enter the water directly in between the buoys. This will take you through a channel so you can avoid the coral.)

We found a wide plateau at 30' with dropoffs on 3 sides, covered with the most beautiful coral garden I've seen since the Big Island. Fish and invertebrates were everywhere, along with the occasional turtle.

If I'da known the plateau was this beautiful, we'da just swam out and dropped down here.

I scrawled this map in my log book. Although primitivist in style, I think it shows a nuanced yet avant-garde sensibility.
All sorts of critters call Hanauma Bay home.

It's beautiful on the surface, too.

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