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Lake Pleasant/Desert Ridge
13 Apr 2014
UW Easter Egg Hunt, No, Really

Dive 562:                Start 09:58, BT 33 min, End 10:31, Depth 51'

Dive 563: SI: 117 min, Start 12:39, BT 41 min, End 13:20, Depth 48'

Howdy, Arizona!

How strange to find myself back in Lake Pleasant of all places! I became an instructor here in 2011, but never expected to return. Diving in The Lake is everything I remembered, but at least it beats the diving in Prescott.

I met my old friend Tina and the gang from Scuba Professionals on a sunny, warm morning to hunt for Easter eggs under the water. Why not? We like to carve pumpkins underwater, too. But seriously, who needs an excuse to go diving!

For the 1st dive, I jumped in with Allan, a veteran of many dives in Idaho, including one in Yellowstone called "Firehole" where you can actually swim up a waterfall. After hundreds of dives in Hawaii, the water felt shockingly... not that bad. Allan and I had a nice slow meander, during which I found 24 eggs, and Allan found fifty-seven of them!

Then we had BBQ, of course.

After lunch I got back in for a fun dive -- some people never learn -- with Sean, Lin and Matt. Sean bailed early, and the rest of us carried on, shivering, swimming and swearing at the cockleburrs.

We saw silt. We saw plants. We saw silt-covered plants. I saw eye-to-eye with several bass. It's spawning season. The males build nests in the shallows, and they will chase you away with all their fishy might if you get too close. Just like the Hawaiian Damselfish,

only these bastards have evil, glowing red eyes!

Cold water, silty bottom, low visibility, layers of algae and cockleburrs everywhere, and we had a ball! Diving is a blast (almost) anywhere. However, I will never complain about Koko Craters again.

Another brilliant feat of underwater salvage by the heroes at Argos Scuba!
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